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This moldis moldthe moldentire moldkit moldof moldsilicone moldmolds moldused moldin moldthe moldtrinket moldbox moldcake mold: moldvalued moldat mold: mold$70, moldbut moldyou moldcan moldget molda molddiscount moldand moldget moldit moldall moldfor mold$60 moldand moldsave mold$10 moldby moldgetting moldthem moldall moldat moldonce mold, moldand moldalso moldsave moldon moldadditional moldshipping moldcosts mold. mold8 moldjewelry moldcharms mold- mold$15 mold( moldsize: mold1/2 moldto mold1 mold1/2 moldinches mold)Large moldand moldsmall moldchain moldmold moldset mold- mold$25 mold( moldlarge moldis mold3/4 moldby mold8 moldinches, moldsmall moldis mold3mm moldby mold7 moldinches) moldMedium moldchain moldmold mold- mold$12.50 mold( mold5/8 moldby mold8 moldinches moldlong mold) moldKeyhole moldand moldkey moldset mold- mold$10 mold( mold3/4 moldto mold1 mold1/2 moldinch mold) moldbrooch moldmold mold- mold$7.50 mold( mold1 mold1/8 moldby mold1 mold1/2 moldinch mold) moldA moldfree moldvideo moldtutorial moldis moldavailable moldon moldhow moldthis moldwas moldused moldin moldthe moldcake moldphoto moldabove:pls moldvisit moldmy moldyoutube moldpage moldfor moldthe moldare moldmade moldfrom moldfood moldgrade moldsilicone moldmolds moldand moldcan moldwithstand moldtemperatures moldup moldto mold400F. moldthey moldmay moldcome moldto moldyou moldin moldpurple, moldyellow moldor moldblue moldcolor. moldThey moldare moldall moldbendable moldand moldflexible moldand moldcan moldbe moldused moldover moldand moldover moldagain. moldYou moldcan molduse moldthis moldon moldgumpaste, moldfondant, moldisomalt, moldcandy moldetc moldor moldother moldnon moldfood moldapplications moldlike moldpolymer moldclay moldor moldresin mold( moldbut moldmake moldsure moldyou molddo moldnot moldinterchange moldtheir molduses mold)International moldshipping moldwill moldstart moldat mold$10 moldbut moldthat moldwill moldbe moldregular moldmail. moldIf moldyou moldwant moldpriority moldshipping, moldlet moldme moldknow moldand moldit moldwill moldbe mold25 mold+ moldand moldyou moldcan moldfill moldthe moldenvelope moldwith moldother moldmolds moldyou moldwant moldto moldorder. moldJust moldlet moldme moldknow moldwhat moldyou moldmay moldwant moldto moldinclude.Us moldshipment moldtimes moldmay moldtake mold2-4 molddays mold, moldpriority moldsays mold2-3.International moldshipments moldaverage mold2 moldweeks, moldbut moldmay moldtake moldlonger moldthan molda moldmonth moldin moldcertain moldareas.all moldshipments moldwill moldreceive molda moldtracking moldnumber, moldbut moldoutside moldthe moldUSA, moldyour moldcustoms moldnumber moldwill moldonly moldbe moldable moldto moldtrack moldit molduntil moldit moldleaves moldUS moldterritory.

1 shop reviews 5 out of 5 stars