Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gumpaste, large Marquise Jewel Flower Pendant Silicone Mold 09



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The leafsize leafof leafthis leafmold leafis leaf leaf2 leaf1/8 leafinches leafacross leaf\r\rThese leafare leafmade leaffrom leaffood leafgrade leafsilicone leafand leafcan leafbe leafused leafin leafa leafvariety leafof leaffood leafrelated leafapplications leaflike leaffondant, leafgumpaste, leafisomalt, leafchocolate leafetc. leafThey leafare leafflexible leafand leafbendable leafand leafcan leafbe leafused leafover leafand leafover leaf. leafThey leafcan leafalso leafbe leafused leaffor leafnon leaffood leafapplications leaflike leafresin, leafclay, leafjust leafdo leafnot leafinterchange leaftheir leafuses leaf. leaf\r\rI leafship leafworldwide leafusing leafUS leafpostal leafservice, leafregular leafparcel leafmail. leafIt leaftakes leafa leaffew leafdays leafto leafget leafto leafthe leafUS, leafusually leafwithin leaf2-4 leafdays leafand leafInternational leafshipments leaftake leafa leafweek leafto leaftwo leafweeks leafon leafaverage.\r\rIf leafyou leafwant leafinternational leafpriority leafshipping, leafit leafstarts leafat leaf$23 leafand leafthat leafcan leafhandle leafmany leafsets leafsince leafit leafis leafa leafsmall leafflat leafrate leafbox. leafLet leafme leafknow leafif leafyou leafprefer leafthat.

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