Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Tibetan/Antique Silver Clip on Lobster Clasp Charm Pendantgift, Leafgift, Wise Bonegift, Butterflygift, cute Catgift, Life Treegift, Tortoisegift, Pumpkin Carriage.....



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Brand clip onNew clip onTibetan/Antique clip onSilver clip onTone clip onCharms clip onwith clip onLobster clip onClasp, clip on\u00a31.25 clip onEach. clip on12 clip onDifferent clip onDesign clip onto clip onChoose clip onFrom.Finely clip onMade clip onand clip onGood clip onQuality. clip onDesign clip onfor clip onBracelets, clip onNecklace, clip onCrafts...Great clip onas clip ona clip onlittle clip ongift clip onfor clip ona clip onfriend, clip onor clip onas clip ona clip ontreat clip onfor clip onyourself clip on:)If clip onyou clip onwish clip onto clip onorder clip onmore clip onthan clip on5 clip onfor clip onthe clip onsame clip onitem, clip onplease clip oncontact clip onus clip onfirst.Size clip on(Charm clip on+ clip onLobster clip onClasp):01. clip onLucky clip onLeaf clip on(30x15mm)02. clip onHalloween clip onPumpkin clip on(30x16mm)03. clip onWish clip onBone clip on(19x15mm)04. clip onFlying clip onAngel clip on(35x15mm)05. clip onCrescent clip onMoon clip on(40x16mm)06. clip onButterfly clip on(30x16mm)07. clip onHamsa clip onHand clip on(34x12mm)08. clip onCute clip onCat clip on(38x17mm)09. clip onMusic clip onNote clip on(38x13mm)10. clip onLife clip onTree clip on(35x16mm)11. clip onCute clip onTortoise clip on(34x12mm)12. clip on3D clip onPumpkin clip onCarriage clip on)25x9x4mm)Lobster clip onClasp clip onsize: clip on12mmAll clip onsize clip onare clip onapprox.If clip onyou clip onare clip onhappy clip onwith clip onour clip onproduct clip onand clip onservice, clip onplease clip onleave clip onus clip ona clip onfeedback, clip onit clip onwould clip onbe clip onreally clip onhelpful clip onfor clip onus clip onto clip onoffer clip ona clip onbetter clip onservice!Please clip oncontact clip onus clip onif clip onyou clip onhave clip onany clip onquestions clip onor clip onrequests!Thanks clip onfor clip onLooking!

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