Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

leaves, Hand Etched Green and Gold Leaf Pendant



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This leafvibrant leafpendant leafwas leaffused leafin leafa leafkiln leafand leafannealed leaffor leafstrength leafand leafdurability. leafI leafthen leafgrind leafthe leafedges leaffor leafbeauty leafand leafcomfort leafand leafre-fire leafit leafin leafa leafkiln leafto leafcreate leafbeautiful leafpolished leafedges. leaf leafThe leafleaf leafwas leafhand-etched leafto leafgive leafyou leafa leafone-of-a-kind leafpendant. leafThe leafdichroic leafglass leafis leafaurora leafborealis leafso leafit leafhas leafshades leafof leafgreen leafand leafgold.\r\rBecause leafdichroic leafglass leafis leafa leafchallenge leafto leafphotograph, leafthe leafcolors leafmight leafbe leafslightly leafdifferent leafin leafreal leaflife. leafThe leafbeauty leafof leafdichro leafis leafseeing leafvarious leafcolors leafin leafdifferent leaflight leafsettings.\r\rThis leafpendant leafmeasures leaf1.75" leaflong leafand leafis leafattached leafto leafa leafsilver leafplated leafbail leafthat leafwill leaffit leafmost leafif leafyour leafcords leafand leafchains. leafAll leafmy leafchains leafare leafsold leafseparately, leafwhich leafwill leafbe leafavailable leafin leafmy leafshop leafsoon.\r\rEach leafpendant leafcomes leafwith leafa leaffun leafleopard leafprint leafgift leafbox leafand leafa leaffree leaf30" leafnon-fade leafsatin leafstrap!\r\rAll leafpendants leafare leafshipped leaffirst leafclass leafvia leafUSPS leafwith leafinsurance.\r\rThank leafyou leafso leafmuch leaffor leafvisiting leafmy leafETSY leafshop!

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