Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

custom necklace, Personalized Charm Necklace - Initial - Pet - Paw Print - Birthstone - Hand Stamped



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An paw printinitial paw printis paw printstamped paw printonto paw printa paw print5/8" paw printstainless paw printsteel paw printcircle. paw printThis paw printnecklace paw printalso paw printincludes paw printa paw printpaw paw printprint paw printcharm paw printand paw printa paw printswarovski paw printcrystal paw printin paw printthe paw printcolor paw printof paw printyour paw printchoosing. paw printYou paw printcan paw printsee paw printthe paw printoptions paw printin paw printthe paw print4th paw printphoto. paw printThe paw print18" paw printchain paw printis paw printalso paw printstainless paw printsteel. paw printUPON paw printCHECKOUT: paw printPLEASE paw printLEAVE paw printNAME paw printAND paw printBIRTH paw printMONTH paw printIN paw printTHE paw printNOTE paw printTO paw printSELLER paw printAREACLICK paw printSHIPPING paw printAND paw printPOLICIES paw printUNDER paw printPHOTO paw printto paw printcheck paw printestimated paw printshipping paw printtime paw printand paw printto paw printread paw printother paw printimportant paw printinformation paw printbefore paw printpurchase.SEE paw print5TH paw printPHOTO paw printto paw printlearn paw printwhere paw printto paw printfind paw printthe paw printNote paw printto paw printSeller paw printarea paw printduring paw printcheckout paw printand paw printwhere paw printto paw printfind paw printthe paw printproduction paw printtime.

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