Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

statement jewelry, THAI STERLING BRACELET - Central Etched Floral Design - Hallmarked - Link Design



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ESTATE silver braceletVINTAGE silver braceletFLORAL silver braceletARTISAN silver braceletTHAI silver braceletSILVER silver braceletLINKED silver braceletBRACELET silver bracelet silver braceletWITH silver braceletFLORAL silver braceletTEXTURED silver braceletDESIGNGoddessandco silver braceletis silver braceletpleased silver braceletto silver braceletoffer silver braceletfor silver braceletsale silver braceletthis silver braceletbeautiful silver braceletThai silver braceletsilver silver braceletlinked silver braceletbracelet silver braceletwith silver braceletshiny silver braceletsilver silver braceletcurved silver braceletlinks. silver braceletThe silver braceletcentral silver braceletflower silver braceletis silver braceletbeautifully silver braceletetched silver braceletcreating silver braceleta silver braceletcontrasting silver bracelettexture silver braceletbetween silver braceletcenter silver braceletand silver braceletlinks.HallmarkedA silver braceletReal silver braceletBeauty!!!SIZE: silver bracelet silver bracelet8 silver braceletinches silver braceletin silver braceletlength,MEASUREMENT: silver braceletClasp silver braceletis silver bracelet17 silver braceletmm silver braceletin silver braceletdiameter. silver braceletFlower silver braceletis silver bracelet30 silver braceletmm silver braceletin silver braceletdiameterWEIGHT:22.32 silver bracelettotal silver braceletgram silver braceletweight

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