Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gift idea, Deco Style Floral BROOCH - Central Lavender Stone - Two Toned Gold - Floral Design - Emerald cut stone



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ESTATE vintage jewelryDECO vintage jewelrySTYLE vintage jewelryFLORAL vintage jewelryBROOCH vintage jewelryWITH vintage jewelryLAVENDER vintage jewelryEMERALD vintage jewelryCUT vintage jewelrySTONEGoddessandco vintage jewelryis vintage jewelrypleased vintage jewelryto vintage jewelryoffer vintage jewelryfor vintage jewelrysale vintage jewelrythis vintage jewelrywonderful vintage jewelryDeco vintage jewelryStyle vintage jewelryFloral vintage jewelrybrooch vintage jewelrywith vintage jewelrytwo vintage jewelrytoned vintage jewelry10k vintage jewelry vintage jewelrysculpted vintage jewelryleaves vintage jewelryand vintage jewelrya vintage jewelryhigh vintage jewelryprong vintage jewelryset vintage jewelryluscious vintage jewelrylavender vintage jewelryemerald vintage jewelrycut vintage jewelrystone.Hallmarked vintage jewelryand vintage jewelryin vintage jewelrypristine vintage jewelrycondition. vintage jewelryMEASUREMENT: vintage jewelry60 vintage jewelrymm vintage jewelryx vintage jewelry42 vintage jewelrymm vintage jewelryx vintage jewelry5 vintage jewelrymmWEIGHT: vintage jewelry9.12 vintage jewelrytotal vintage jewelrygram vintage jewelryweightSIZE: vintage jewelryFaceted vintage jewelrystone vintage jewelryis vintage jewelry13 vintage jewelrymm vintage jewelryx vintage jewelry11 vintage jewelrymm

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