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loose gemstone, 2.12CT Synthetic Loose Stone Marquis Cut Sapphire Loose Gemstone



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2.12CT loose stoneSynthetic loose stoneLoose loose stoneStone loose stoneMarquis loose stoneCut loose stoneSapphire loose stoneLoose loose stoneGemstone loose stoneDescriptionColor: loose stoneDark, loose stoneSlightly loose stonegreenish loose stoneblue loose stonestone.Cut: loose stoneMarquis loose stoneShape loose stonePhenomenon: loose stoneVitreous loose stoneLuster loose stoneRI: loose stone1.770 loose stoneHigh, loose stone1.762 loose stoneLowBiref: loose stone.008DR: loose stoneUniaxial loose stoneNegative loose stonePleo: loose stoneBlue, loose stoneslightly loose stonebluish loose stonegreen. loose stoneMagnification: loose stoneCurved loose stoneColoring loose stonebanding, loose stonestrings loose stoneof loose stonegas loose stonebubbles.Color loose stoneFilter: loose stoneSlightly loose stoneGreenish loose stoneBlue loose stoneWeight: loose stone2.12CTDimensions: loose stone12.21mm loose stonex loose stone6.05mm loose stonex loose stone3.69mmAll loose stoneof loose stoneour loose stonestones loose stonewere loose stoneidentified loose stonewith loose stonea loose stoneGIA loose stoneGraduate loose stoneGemologist loose stoneand loose stoneare loose stone100% loose stoneAs loose stoneListed loose stoneIf loose stoneyou loose stonehave loose stoneany loose stonequestions loose stoneor loose stoneconcerns loose stoneplease loose stonefeel loose stonefree loose stoneto loose stonemessage loose stoneus loose stoneat loose stoneany loose stonepoint!Thank loose stoneYou!

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