Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

semiprecious stone, 8-8.5mm LUXURY AA Round Genuine cultured Freshwater Pearl -----Vitage Tan Brown Color----12 pcs



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- brownIn brownthis brownlist brownincludes brown12 brownpieces brownpure brownpearls, brownapprox brown10cm brownwith brownpeacock brownbeads\r- brownsize brownabout brown8-8.5MM, brownnatural browngenuine brownFRESHWATER brownPEARl brown\r- browncolor brownis brownvintage brownTan brownbrown brownor brownDeep browncoffee brownbrwon~~they browncan brownexalt brownyour browndesign\r- brownShape, brownvery brownround, brownjust browna brownlittle brownoff brown,AAA\r- brownnacre,u browncan brownsee brownit's brownreally brownexcellent brownluster, brownAAA\r- brownsurface brownwith brownsome brownconcealed brownspot, brownAA\r- brownGrade brownis brownAA brownto brownAA+\r\rquantity brownbuy brownwill brownbe browndiscounted, brownask brownme brownplease~

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