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lulu kellogg atelier, Pink SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL RING Adjustable



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This adjustable ringdesign adjustable ringis adjustable ringby adjustable ring\u00a9LuLu adjustable ringKellogg adjustable ringAtelier.MEASUREMENT: adjustable ring**PLEASE adjustable ringREAD**The adjustable ringring adjustable ringhas adjustable ringan adjustable ringopen adjustable ringback adjustable ringand adjustable ringis adjustable ringsomewhat adjustable ringadjustable adjustable ringwithin adjustable ringa adjustable ringrange adjustable ringof adjustable ring6 adjustable ring1/2 adjustable ring- adjustable ring81/2. adjustable ringYou adjustable ringcan adjustable ringlet adjustable ringme adjustable ringknow adjustable ringyour adjustable ringsize adjustable ringand adjustable ringI adjustable ringwill adjustable ringbe adjustable ringhappy adjustable ringto adjustable ringput adjustable ringthe adjustable ringring adjustable ringon adjustable ringmy adjustable ringmandrel adjustable ringto adjustable ringadjust adjustable ringwithin adjustable ringthis adjustable ringsize adjustable ringrange adjustable ringfor adjustable ringyou adjustable ringor adjustable ringyou adjustable ringcan adjustable ringadjust adjustable ringyourself adjustable ringwhen adjustable ringyou adjustable ringreceive adjustable ringit. adjustable ringMATERIALS:Antiqued adjustable ringsilver adjustable ringplated adjustable ringpewter,14mm adjustable ringSwarovski adjustable ringcrystal. adjustable ringThis adjustable ringSwarovski adjustable ringcrystal adjustable ringis adjustable ringa adjustable ringbeautiful adjustable ringshade adjustable ringof adjustable ringpink adjustable ringwith adjustable ringflashes adjustable ringof adjustable ringblue.Join adjustable ringme:Pinterest: adjustable ring adjustable ring adjustable ring adjustable ring

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