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natural amber, Amber Sterling Silver Oval Bracelet Baltic Amber Jewelry.



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Combining amber pendantthe amber pendantperfect amber pendantblend amber pendantof amber pendantsparkling amber pendantsterling amber pendantsilver amber pendantand amber pendantthe amber pendantbeautiful amber pendantlight amber pendantand amber pendantdark amber pendanthoney amber pendantcolors amber pendantof amber pendantBaltic amber pendantAmber, amber pendantthis amber pendantstunning\u00a0bracelet\u00a0goes amber pendantperfectly amber pendantwith amber pendantall amber pendanttypes amber pendantof amber pendantoutfits amber pendantand amber pendantlooks. amber pendantCreated amber pendantfrom amber pendantthe amber pendantbest amber pendantquality amber pendantraw amber pendantmaterials, amber pendantamber amber pendantis amber pendantunique amber pendantand amber pendantnaturally amber pendantformed amber pendantmaking amber pendantthis amber pendanteye-catching\u00a0bracelet\u00a0a amber pendantone-of-a-kind amber pendantpiece.This amber pendantsophisticated\u00a0bracelet\u00a0makes amber pendanta amber pendantbeautiful amber pendantaddition amber pendantto amber pendantyour amber pendantown amber pendantjewelry amber pendantcollection amber pendantor amber pendantan amber pendantimpressive amber pendantgift amber pendantfor amber pendantthe amber pendantwoman amber pendantin amber pendantyour amber pendantlife.DETAILSExquisite amber pendantamber\u00a0harvested amber pendantfrom amber pendantthe amber pendantBaltic amber pendantSea amber pendantin amber pendantPolandAccording amber pendantto amber pendantnatural amber pendanthealers, amber pendantamber amber pendantdissolves amber pendantopposition amber pendantand amber pendantbalances amber pendantthe amber pendantsolar amber pendantplexus amber pendantchakra7.5" amber pendantlong

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