Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, Black Polish CZ Diamond Choker Necklace Set



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Handmade traditional wearBeaded traditional wearCZ traditional wearDiamond traditional wearChoker traditional wearNecklace traditional wearset100% traditional wearHandmadePacked traditional wearin traditional weara traditional wearnice traditional wearbox traditional wearwith traditional wearcotton traditional wearlining, traditional wearBest traditional wearfor traditional weargifting traditional wearto traditional wearloved traditional wearones..A traditional wearpersonal traditional wearnote traditional wearfor traditional wearyour traditional wearloved traditional wearones traditional wearcan traditional wearbe traditional wearadded.*Since traditional wearthis traditional wearis traditional wear100% traditional wearHandmade traditional wearjewelry. traditional wearSo traditional wearColor, traditional wearshades, traditional weartexture traditional weardisplayed traditional wearmay traditional wearslightly traditional wearvary traditional wearfrom traditional wearthe traditional wearactual traditional wearproduct traditional weardue traditional wearto traditional weardigital traditional wearimage traditional wearlimitations. traditional wearWe traditional wearrequest traditional wearyou traditional wearto traditional wearconsider traditional wearthese traditional wearminor traditional wearvariations. traditional wearPlease traditional wearexpect traditional wearthe traditional wearpossibility traditional wearof traditional wearsome traditional wearslight traditional wearimperfections traditional wearwhen traditional wearbuying traditional wearhand traditional wearmade traditional wearjewelry. traditional wearIf traditional wearyou traditional wearhave traditional wearany traditional wearquestions, traditional wearplease traditional wearmessage traditional wearor traditional wearemail traditional wearus.

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